About Me

Resilient, courageous, strong, and powerful are just a few words, others use, to describe Mildred D. Muhammad. She was a victim who became a survivor and is now a warrior on the issues of abuse. She speaks globally to encourage and empower others to reflect self-assurance, self-improvement and self-love, which is the greatest gift of all! Her style and wit in sharing her story holds the audience attention regardless of the amount of time she’s given. They leave with a sense of hope and tools to use in their own lives, that will bring them the peace of mind that we all strive to have daily.

Transformation is the key to moving forward with your life. Mildred knows that first hand. She had to counsel herself and her children to survive the victim-blaming. They learned to thrive in the midst of adversity, understand their emotions and hold their heads high because they had nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty for.

The horrific crime that took place in the Washington, D.C. area in 2002, resulted in innocent people being killed by Mildred’s ex-husband, John Allen Muhammad, the convicted and now-executed DC Sniper. This was a crime of domestic violence and child custody. Prior to this crime, John took the children out of the country after a weekend visitation and threatened to kill her. She had been running for her life for three years. She was hiding by changing her name, clothing and locations trying to escape being killed by her ex-husband.

As the shootings were occurring in 2002, law enforcement told her what they did not tell the public which was…“SHE” was the intended TARGET! She and her children were taken into protective custody until he was caught. Years later, the truth is finally being told.