“I’m Still Standing” book trailer

Her new memoir covers the compelling events during and after the conviction and execution of her former husband. Through the eyes of their embattled mother, we learn what was going through the minds of the three young children as they learned their father was going to be executed for his crimes in the October 2002 sniper killings that took place in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


“I’m Still Standing”

(Crawling Out of the Darkness Into the Light)

A Survivor’s Journal:

A Journey from Victim to Survivor

There are many emotions that need to be expressed for true healing to begin. Starting is the hard part. Inside this journal, I began the sentences for you. Completing them is your first step to healing.

These particular sentences were created to help you to tap into those emotions you are afraid to share with others for fear of rejection. The pain of guilt, shame, fear, anger, anxiety, and other emotions you’ve been afraid to confront, are not yours to hold onto. We are a visual people. You have to see your pain to heal from it.

Planning My Escape

Leaving an abusive relationship is a difficult decision to make. So many variables to consider. This 8-step comprehensive safety plan provides vital information that will assist you. Just fill in the blanks.

Dare To Heal:

Journaling The Pain Away

Journaling is one way to look at your pain using words that will best describe what you are feeling.  Understanding who you are, after trauma, is imperative to transition into a new normal. This journal will assist in that process.

Scared Silent…

When the one you love, becomes the one you fear

This critically-acclaimed memoir demonstrates how domestic abuse/violence can be devastating to entire families, especially the children. Mildred hopes that what she reveals will bring more awareness to the verbal, psychological, economic, emotional, mental, and the stalking abuse many women suffer regarding this national/international issue of domestic abuse/violence.

‘Scared Silent’ book trailer